Building up my sailing kit - starting with my dry suit!

One of the biggest things to consider as part of my preparation for my Clipper race is my kit. My kit is going to be the difference between being hot and cold and wet and dry – pretty key when in the middle of an ocean. I have been quite overwhelmed with all the kit that I need to consider taking, especially as I will have a very strict weight limit. But I have read lots of the last race’s blogs, talked to lots of people and am starting to gain more of an idea about the kit I need which will make my life a bit more pleasant on the race!

One of the key bits of kit is a dry suit. This is an all in one suit, which is sealed at the neck and wrists and has built in socks (one of my favourite bits). This should keep me lovely and snug! And despite the fact that I look like a giant banana, it is wonderful. One of my lovely friends has said that this is one of the driest things about me – she is probably right, it is really very dry!

So last week, one of my super supporters and I trekked down to Hampshire to try a dry suit on at the Henri Lloyd headquarters. Kitted up with mid layers on underneath, I moved around on my knees, pretending that I was on a boat. I got very warm very quickly, but this was very encouraging given that I need to be warm when I’m in the middle of the Pacific! I loved it. I did think, this isn’t a typical thing for a 28 year old to get excited about, but oh well!

So, the dry suit is now ordered and I can’t wait to try it out in the English weather (you think I’m joking!)…keep your eyes peeled for some dry suit tests that will be coming up!