So a few days ago I walked into the nav station and announced to Andy, “if I can’t even get warm in my sleeping bag then what’s the point in anything”. Andy responded with “now let’s not be a negative nelly about this”. I know I am a bit of a drama queen but I had had enough, I think that morning was my toughest point of clipper so far. Why was I putting myself through this torture? And believe me, not being able to feel your feet for hours on end is torture! Pair that with pretty crap winds, being pipped to the scoring gate and the prospect of getting to Fremantle a week later and it was not going well. A lot of life decisions were questioned!

I’m pleased to report that things are a little better now and I am being a positive polly. We have wind – hooray! We have the spinnaker up – hooray! And I can feel my feet again – hooray! We were rotating being down below when on watch and I kept my sleeping bag in the galley to put my feet into at every opportunity. I also used hand warmers to put in my socks, thanks lara for buying me so many in CT! We saw more whales yesterday frolicking around in the surf, having a Whaley good time. There is also a huge flock of birds following us which include wandering albatross, petrels and Cape pigeons, it is an amazing sight and they are with us all the time!

We are approx 1200 miles from any land – this is mindblowing! Apparently the nearest people to us are on the space station (apart from other clipper boats), so it can be pretty lonely out here. Fortunately all the crew on this leg are fantastic. There is a great feeling around the boat and we are all pulling each other through the tough days, we all have them.

It is official that we are going to be in Fremantle about a week late. Hopefully we will get there around the 26th Nov and we are due to leave on the 2nd Dec, so it’s going to be quite a quick turnaround. I think all boats will be in a similar position though. I have of course had food panic about the prospect of an extra week of hungry mouths. The rationing has begun!

In a moment of weakness I opened all my pipspost the other day. Thank you so much to everyone who has contributed to this over the last few legs and this one. It is amazing to be surprised with letters, games, words of motivation. It is very humbling to read them and I feel very lucky to have such super supporters. Thank you everyone.

For now we are going to stay south and hope that the winds work in our favour, fingers crossed! I feel like GREAT needs a bit of luck on our side. Come on wind, get us to Fremantle!

Toodle pip xxx