As we are stuck in a wind hole I have had some time to write another little update for you all! I can’t tell you how frustrating it is to be stuck completely still this close to the end (written at 0620 UTC Wednesday 20th Sept!). It was looking good for a while and we still may pull off a podium finish, but you never know – luck has a lot to play now! As I mentioned my awesome crew in my last blog, I wanted to write a tribute to each of them. Hopefully this will give you an insight into our dysfunctional GREAT CV30 family over the last 4 and a half weeks. So here are some thank yous from me to my crew for getting me through the last month! Firstly there is my watch, the mighty Union watch…Here goes….

Lady Catherine, for being as idiotic as I am and laughing with me through every watch, yooohoooooo! You have been been absolutely fabulous darling – watch out for the Catherine and Pip show hitting your screens soon.
Harry Krishna for powering through and showing me that however crap I felt, she always felt worse with her head in a sick bag and also for making me constantly feel like a comedian.
Tony, for making me realise that you can never have enough chocolate spread on a piece of toast and for turning up with an entire corner shop in her bag.
The Tailor of Gloucester for his soothing tones and calming influence over his blind mice.
Ray (I’m starting to worry about Ray), for fixing everything and giving us some fantastic stories (when the s**t hit the fan)!
Phil ‘The’ Gunn for dressing up like batman on Sundays and teaching me how to be more efficient at bedtime, his record is 30 seconds from the companionway to his bunk.
Gareth ‘Pork Chop’ Blanks for never failing to amuse us with his different hats, his agility around the boat and never ending Dad jokes.
Finally Gray-Ham, the walking Wikipedia, I have never met such a driven individual or a real life action man, when you press his tummy his arms shoot up.

Next, onto the Jack watch. This is a bit trickier as I have spent considerably less time with them!
Shout outs go to John-oooooo, a true gentleman always with a smile on his face, we never would have guessed that he was the porthole pest.
Edmundo for his galley skills and high standards of living – the porcelain mug is still intact. Nicola for her enthusiasm (although not so good when waking us up) and providing sweets when needed.
Ian ‘not tuna again’ Medland, I have never seen such extreme weight loss in anyone.
Jon Milne, the gentle giant for surviving his seasickness stoically.
Our resident writer Mark ‘are we there yet’ Tucker.
Ian Mumford for lending me his fan, it was a lifesaver in the doldrums!
The Commodore Tim who has fashioned a fabulous pair of blue silk pants for most of the trip.
My fellow galley partner Tessa for being a brilliant medic and sticking up some very handy charts in the heads, I’ll leave that one for your imagination.
Spencer Whizzkid Bienvenue III for making sure that my over order on the hot sauce didn’t go to waste.

Finally, our Skipper Andy. Would we be here without him? I doubt it. We’d probably still be stuck in the doldrums, now contemplating who to eat first. He has made us laugh, pulled us together, taught us and encouraged us for the last 6,500 miles. If anyone on this boat deserves a pint then it’s him. Despite frequently walking around with a rubber Labrador mask on his head or turning our mascot the lion into a phone, he has shown us that perseverance and humour get you far. Here’s to the next 34,000 miles with him!  Toodle Pip!