Andy just came into the galley and read out the list of people who have received emails – it was very exciting when my name was called out and I felt like I was on one of those awful reality TV programmes where you get a letter from home and have to read it out in front of everyone!

I am slowly settling into boat life – leaving Liverpool was amazing, such a good experience. I would love to have seen what it looked like from land. The adrenaline got us through the first couple of days and ever since then it has been quite tough. We have had some amazing days though – sun, good winds, dolphins, whales and spinnaker flying, but it is remarkable how quickly this can all change. You just need to be a bit tired and make a few mistakes and it all can go wrong. Add in a keeled boat, heads overflowing and sea sickness and it can be rather unpleasant. It is getting hotter now which brings different trials – on deck it is great, although sunburn central, below deck it is like Dante’s Inferno.

The great thing about this boat though is that we are most definitely a boat of laughter! Everyone seems to be getting on so well and I particularly love our ‘Union’ watch. A couple of funny incidents to report so far… genuinely being like spider man getting into my bunk – when heeled over I have to climb up the opposite wall in bare feet to try and get in. Yesterday I had a shower off the back of the boat – it was fantastic…although it was a very dribbling shower and quite hard to do at an angle. We had an overflowing heads incident which was disgusting but still managed to provide a huge amount of laughs! And just generally the faces we pull at each other when we are up at midnight and 4am to go on watch are brilliant. A constant thought seems to be “have we really paid to do this?!”. I have had a lot of my kit soaked by our wet boat, but fortunately managed to dry most of it on deck a few days ago, I also spilt an entire water bottle inside my sleeping bag. Not really the point of a waterproof sleeping bag! So I have spent a lot of time at sea feeling quite damp so far, which is disheartening when it is cold.

We have had a few spinnaker wraps, and as a result a few tears which meant that Simon and Tessa were working flat out getting them fixed. Needless to say we got the kite up within about 10 minutes of it being fixed and have been flying it ever since.

The food seems to be going down well which is a relief, although the corned beef hash wasn’t that well received – mainly because it resembled cat food. We are all keen to get down to Uruguay as quickly as possible for that first gin and tonic, although there is still a long way to go yet.

We only get the ‘scheds’ every 6 hours, so you are all actually more up to date than us when it comes to the race viewer. Keep watching this space for our game plan to Uruguay – we are determined to come first!

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