28th August 2017

We were all really sad to hear about Dave’s accident on the boat and wish him a really speedy recovery and a safe sail to Greenings for the rest of the trip. It is always a little wake up call when you hear about things like this and makes you remember what big beasts these Clipper Race yachts really are and how powerful the ocean is.

We are now over the one week stage, hooray! It has flown by, but it also feels like it was an age since we left Liverpool. I think we are all counting down the days until a proper loo seat and a hot shower but that is still a while away! We are becoming fully in sync with the boat now – we are starting to learn about her quirks and swaying with the movement of the boat in sleep has become second nature. I never thought that you could have a work out during your sleep – I can confirm that you can and if I don’t get to Uruguay with abs of steel I will be very disappointed. Nicola produced a surprise treat today by producing a box of old school sweets, never has a Refresher tasted so good.

Big shout out to John and Ray who were in the galley today – they were happy minding their own business cooking our bacon and eggs (Sunday special, Morecambe and Wise style), when they had to help with two simultaneous kite drops. They powered through the day and produced some fab food, concluding with a chickpea curry! Having told me earlier in the day that they weren’t very good chefs but would do their best, they were a couple of dark horses. Our super sail repairer Simon was out in force as well, along with his trusty helper Tessa. They powered through about 8 hours straight of fixing one of our sails and now it is as good as new.

It is amazing how resourceful you get to be on the boat – I broke my glasses the other day, and after giving handy Ray the brief to fix them, he did with some hot water and tape. Phil Gunn is also a super fixer – he always has a solution for anything that’s broken, cable ties seem to be his forte and he sleeps with a tool bag under his bunk, you can never be too prepared apparently. Graham was resourceful too by rigging up a bag at the back of the boat which turned into a shower. I think we were all quite jealous of that and may be trying it over the next few days.

The weather at the moment is variable. When I came down to the nav station, the wind was quite light, but it seems to have picked up again while I have been down here. We think we have made a good choice to go West, hopefully our perseverance is paying off but as we are all learning about ocean racing, it is all a bit of pot luck!

I’m off to embark on another night watch now, but everyone sends all their love from the mighty GREAT Britain boat. Keep watching that Race Viewer and we’ll keep sailing as hard as we can!