Phone interview on Radio 4's Saturday live

Ever done an interview over the phone on live radio while sitting in your shin pads in a grubby groundsman’s office at a hockey pitch? Well that is exactly what I did on Saturday! Having stalked BBC Radio 4 Saturday Live to let me on the show to tell my Clipper story, my chance finally came.

It was a bit of a logistical nightmare as I needed to speak from a landline, hence the groundsman’s office! And that fitted in very nicely with my hockey match just after the interview.

It didn’t start well for a number of reasons. Firstly, my lovely mother. I spoke to her hoping she would be a calming influence on my nervous state, but she was more nervous than I was! She tried to do a practice run with me, telling me that my answers weren’t very interesting. She was desperately trying to be as helpful as possible, but I have politely told her that for any future media appearances, she won’t be hearing from me beforehand! I then turned up at the ground to do (another) practice run with the radio 4 producer, only to find a locked club house. Excellent. It was going well.

When I finally got into the office, I had about 5 mins before I was live. I had a quick chat with the producer who checked I could hear the show over the phone etc and then I had to wait! This is when the knees started knocking. To add to this, my lovely hockey team had turned up and I could see them peering into the office window waving excitedly. I positioned myself with my back firmly to the window!

Suddenly, I was on! It started well, I made sure to do a cheery hello, and tried to imagine that I was just having a chat down the phone, rather than being live to thousands of people! The lovely presenter Richard Coles did throw me a little bit when he mistook the Clipper race boats, for actual three masted clippers. I clawed it back though and tried to concentrate!

Finally it was over, they cut me off before I could say thank you, but thank you radio 4 for having me on the show! Hopefully the phone will be off the hook with media requests now…we’ll see about that!

Listen to my moment of fame here