Monitoring my health with Thriva

Health is important to everyone. I feel that I need to pay particular interest to this as my body is going to go through a few changes over the next 18 months. I find it quite hard keeping track of my health at the best of times, so to help me I have partnered up with a new start up Thriva, who will help me keep on top of this.

Thriva is an innovative way of tracking and improving your health. It measures your cholesterol, thyroid, liver function, iron levels, and vitamin d levels. You do a simple blood test at home (prick your finger with a nifty piece of kit that Thriva provide you with) then send it on the same day to partner labs where a GP will assess your results and feedback to you within 48 hours. Amazingly efficient and very effective! Thriva is a great way of keeping on top of your health by being proactive and preventative. Thriva takes the anxiety out of health checks and whatever the result is, will suggest changes you can make to your diet and lifestyle where necessary.

I took my first Thriva test a few weeks ago. I got my results a day later, and fortunately, I am fit and healthy!

I have been advised to cut down on the wine (shame) and do a bit more exercise, definitely something I should be increasing anyway. What I want to do is try and monitor my health throughout my training and the Clipper race. Particularly in the contest, I’ll be living off non-perishable food, working hard and being exposed to Mother Nature, which may have an effect my health and I want to understand what this is. From this, I can supplement my diet to maintain my health and fitness.

Thriva is going to be a very useful tool to use in the long term. It will give me something to aim for, keep my more unhealthy habits in check and hopefully help me to be in the best health possible for the race.

I like the fact that my health is in my hands, I am in control of the results, and I can find out my progress whenever I want.

So if you want to be in control of your health, giving you the power to make your life fitter and healthier, then visit Thriva’s super website to find out more.

If you use the code PIP360 then you will get 10% off your first test – it’s a win-win!